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yummyZEST Talent Spotlight (provides actor websites and marketing), speaks with Yesi Rodriguez (Maxim Magazine, The Today Show), actress, model and filmmaker.

Yesi Rodriguez on hope, love, respect and finding awe.

Yesi Rodriguez is a multi-faceted artist and scholar with a passion for performance and creation. She has excelled as a model as well as a performer and filmmaker. Yesi has modeled in NYFW, the TODAY show, been Featured on International Magazine Covers, and Billboards in Times Square. We spotlight her work as a producer, actor, director, model and singer.

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Deborah Twiss (Blue Bloods, Law & Order)

This week Deborah Twiss (Blue Bloods, Law & Order), currently acting in and producing a western (Trail Blazers), was kind enough to share some honest thoughts and advice to better our work in the industry below. Enjoy!

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Lukas Hassel (recurring on The Blacklist, NBC)

Spotlight on Lukas Hassel (recurring on The Blacklist, NBC). Lukas is an actor, writer, director and awesome human whom I personally admire and find inspiring. I’m especially honored to have built his website. Please enjoy some of his wonderful thoughts and advice for all of us in the industry.

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