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Deborah Twiss (Blue Bloods, Law & Order)


This week Deborah Twiss (Blue Bloods, Law & Order), currently acting in and producing a western (Trail Blazers), was kind enough to share some honest thoughts and advice to better our work in the industry below. Enjoy!

How long have you been a part of the industry?
“Too long… since my parents abandoned me and dropped me off at NYU at 17.. lol “

What inspired you to pursue acting, writing, directing?
“I wanted to escape the horrors of the world and play pretend forever. I realized this at age 3.”

What work are you most proud of recently?
“Most proud of the fact that I didn’t kill anyone or myself from frustrated rage on the last gig”

What advice would u give to fellow actors, writer, directors?
“Believe nothing, hope for everything, never announce until the completed project is out successfully…and watch out for bottom feeding con artists vultures…they’re EVERYWHERE”

How do you stay motivated and active in your career?
“If I STOP I die. No joke. If I’m not creating, I literally feel like part of me is wilting. So I keep going.”

What are you working on now?
“Right now I’m working on several screenplays, four films in production, avoiding social media and a lot of deep breathing…and hot yoga in my own sun room with a heater!”

Where can we learn more about you?
“Best way to see my work is to google me or check out my IMDb…or email me

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