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Tom O’Hare (Casting Director, MTV, Uber) – Be a good actor. Write for you, YOU make it happen.


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Tom O’Hare’s work includes casting commercials for MTV, Uber, Morgan Stanley, Subway, Nabisco, Chase Bank, Dixie, Jack Daniels, Hanes, and Buzzfeed. His TV credits include Girl Code, Guy Code, Girl Code vs. Guy Code, cast re-enactments for the award-winning documentary Going Clear, and numerous independent shorts and films.

How long have you been a part of the industry?
I went to acting school in the ’90s and graduated from NYU with a degree in theater in 1997. Decided I needed some time away from that so I backpacked through Europe for a bit, and then I came back to NY and just worked in restaurants and bartended for a bit. In 2006, I got into film by being a PA on an MTV commercial, found I loved being on set and started making that my full-time focus. Saw a niche I could fill in casting on certain projects, and that niche I filled quickly grew into my main focus.

What inspired you to pursue acting, writing, directing?
Well, as a Casting Director, I saw firsthand how good actors could be a huge asset to production, and bad actors could bring a project to a screeching halt. It’s hard to know beforehand how actors are on set, but when I was an AD or talent PA, I saw the good from the bad, so I could then pitch actors to creative by showcasing the actors who had a better professional attitude than the ones who did not.

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What work are you most proud of recently?
I did some great casting for ID Discovery before Covid, and I’m very proud of the work I did on Cults and Dark Waters.

What advice would you give to actors, writers, filmmakers?
Create your own projects, don’t wait for some writer to write your perfect role, do it yourself and try and get it made with your creative vision

How do you stay motivated and active in your career?  
Knowing that you’re only as good as your last job is a pretty big motivator to always do your best.

What are you working on now?
Just finished up some social media campaigns for Walmart.

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