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Ryan Kessler (FBI Intnl, The Blacklist) – Become a master of your craft.


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Ryan is an actor, writer, and teaching artist from NYC. As an actor he has appeared in film, television, and theater. His favorite credits include: Pinkville (Hollywood Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival), Practice (Hampton International Film Festival), FBI: International, The Blacklist and many more.

As an acting teacher Ryan has had the honor of teaching at the Penny Templeton Studio, Broadway Artists Alliance, Theater Arts Center, and Artistree. He also privately coaches actors.

How long have you been a part of the industry?
I’ve been an actor for 20 years and an acting teacher for 10 years.

What inspired you to pursue acting?
On some level I was always compelled to act. Storytelling was very much a part of my life from an early age. But, the one memory that I can point to as the “ah-ha” moment was when I went to see a production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. It gripped me in this indescribable way and all I could think when I left the theater was “I want to do that.” And so I did.

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What work are you most proud of recently?
I recently did an episode of FBI: International and got to travel to Hungary and the Austrian Alps. Proud, grateful, and lucky to get a job that combines travel and acting.

I’m also incredibly proud of all my students who have stayed in class, kept growing, auditioning, and booking work during this difficult time.

What advice would you give to folks in the industry?
Become a master of your craft. This industry wants skilled and professional artists and raw talent can only take you so far. You really need to train so you have a foundation that you can trust and create from. Artists who are talented, skilled and professional are the ones that work. Skill and professionalism come from a place of humility, a place of saying, “I want to learn more.” Artists must be in that place all the time, working and growing. With consistency comes mastery, and that’s when the industry begins to notice you.

How do you stay motivated and active in your career?  
I love what I do so staying motivated has never been a problem. The problem was facing rejection. I’ve learned that each “no” is a step towards “yes” and the best thing to do is to keep going. When that starts to feel difficult I take a class, join a table read, or work on a monologue on my own.

What are you working on now?
Audition. Audition. Audition. And my class has just gone back in person, masked and vaccinated.

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