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Rhett Cutrell (Cinematographer, Building Alaska ) – Forever grow, find your adventure and be happy.


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Rhett Cutrell is an award winning wildlife and outdoor adventure cinematographer, bringing Hollywood quality productions to the most remote regions on the planet. He has worked on projects for syndicated television, independent documentaries, and destination tourism promotion in seventeen countries on six different continents for over sixteen years.

How long have you been a part of the industry?
I have been working in the Film/Television industry officially since 2010. 12 Years! However,
for years leading up to 2010, I was working on independent documentaries and commercial
work since high school.

What inspired you to pursue acting, writing, directing?
Becoming a wildlife cinematographer took some work. The outdoors have always been a
passion of mine but what inspired me the most many years ago to persue this niche was
just the feeling that no one else was capturing the wild nature in a way that spoke to me
and that my vision for how it could be done might have some value to people.

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What work are you most proud of recently?
A recent large scale project I am proud of, that has now been released to the public, is
called “Ten Weeks”. Formally a Quibi product and produced by Blumbhouse and We Are The
Mighty, Ten Weeks follows a group of young men and women as they attempt to make it
through Basic Training in the Army. It was amazing to have the access to Ft. Jackson Army
Base and capture the in’s and outs of what these trainees go through day after day in order
to become a US Army Soldier.

What advice would you give to fellow actors, writers, directors and cinematographers?
My advice to other cinematographers out there would be to never be complacent with their
skill levels. There is always something new to learn and advance on. The camera world is full
of intricacies that a lifetime of study would barely scratch the surface on. Never stop
learning or you will fall behind.

How do you stay motivated and active in your career?  
Having personal film projects is a great way to stay motivated so you don’t fall in to the trap
of renting out all your time to other productions. Save some time for yourself. Also, another
thing I try to do is implement at least one new technique into my workflow on every project.
Whether it is some kind of color management, new piece of equipment, or lack of a piece of
equipment, this allows me to stay on my toes and learn something new. Whether it works or
not is valuable information.

What are you working on now?
Currently I am working on another episode in my documentary series “Escaping Time” this
time we will be going to Mongolia not only to document the unique species of fish that can
only be found in that regions rivers, but also work with the government to census the few
remaining Argali Sheep, Ibix, and if we are lucky, document some snow leopards in the
Yamaat Valley.

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