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Mila Milosevic (HBO Succession) – Be kind. Be on time. Know your lines.


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Mila Milosevic is an award winning actress & singer, born & raised in Serbia and Hungary, and now a proud U.S. citizen and New Yorker. She has appeared in numerous national and international commercial campaigns, indie films and TV shows (HBO’s “Succession”). Mila’s also multi-lingual: fluent in Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and Hungarian. She’s studied with acclaimed NYC acting coaches such as Matt Newton, Anthony Abeson & Austin Pendleton, among others. She also graduated from the entire improv & musical improv program at the Magnet Theater, NYC. Mila is a classically trained singer having performed at Carnegie Hall, Don’t Tell Mama, The Duplex, The Metropolitan Room and more.

How long have you been a part of the industry?
I’ve been in the industry for around 6 years, since I got my U.S. work permit and was able to start auditioning for professional paying projects, here in NYC.

What inspired you to pursue acting?
Growing up in Serbia, I always dreamed of becoming an actress and singer. I was enchanted by watching films and being transported to these magical places and characters. Ever since I was little, I found it so exciting whenever I got to perform something in pre-school & kindergarten. Performing with and for people energizes me to this day. I’m also very inspired by great performances, no matter how big or small.

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What work are you most proud of recently?
I’m really proud to have recently signed with a major International agency in Europe, as it ties in with my roots of growing up in Serbia and Hungary, so I’m super excited to start working on projects shooting there – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

What advice would you give to actors?
Be kind. Be on time. Know your lines. All in all, be professional and I think you’ll go a long way in this business.

How do you stay motivated and active in your career?  
That something magical is always just around the corner. You just need to stick around, do your work and be ready when that magic presents itself.

What are you working on now?
I’m currently performing in improv shows at the Magnet Theater with my Circuit Team Acadia. I also have a short film coming to the festival circuit this Spring/Summer, called “3:33AM”.

How can we learn more about you?
For more about me, check out my website: and my instagram: @missmilam

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