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Greg Harpold (Mind Hunter) – Hustle, love the journey and smile.


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Greg Harpold has been in the industry for over twenty five years. Currently based in NYC. In that time frame he has worked as a professional actor for television, theater, voice over as well as hosting live events. He’s also worked in all facets of television production as well as owning a film and print production company. His main focus now is character driven narratives.

What inspired you to pursue acting, writing, directing?
I, like most of us, was born with this inner calling, be it a blessing or a curse. I will and have always been pursuing this type of work as my livelihood since birth. I believe I was inspired by the old film noir days and the idea that you could be someone different on every job.

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What work are you most proud of recently?
Most recent accomplishments include getting management through Lorna Rainey at Talent Express in NYC, getting a callback for a feature in Bulgaria, marrying my wife who is a native German actress, learning German and growing my marketability in Europe as well as the US.

What advice would you give to fellow actors, writers, directors?
My advice to fellow actors would be to always have a strong side hustle to give yourself the freedom to pursue the gigs. Also do not take anything too seriously. We unfortunately are a dime a dozen in this business so you have to love the journey. Last but not least, treat everyone with a smile because you never know who you will be working for next.

How do you stay motivated and active in your career?  
I stay motivated by staying physically active and constantly taking in new forms of art. I love to learn the craft by watching others anytime I can whether it be attending a show or watching colleagues in class.

What are you working on now?
I am currently in the mix for a feature being shot in Bulgaria, finishing a horror film to be released in the Spring and doing voice over work for an animated series in California that will come out fall of 2022.

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