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Drew Henriksen “be original as you can, research and be careful”


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Drew Henriksen is an actor, writer and producer known for his work on features Power of Prayer, American Gunslingers and In the Dark.

How long have you been a part of the industry?
I wrote my first screenplay in 1986.

What inspired you to pursue acting, writing, directing?
I wanted to write an SNL script after Ferdinand Marcos & Baby Doc Duvalier left power and I thought of the ‘The Disposed Couple’ skit.

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What work are you most proud of recently?
A tie, a script I wrote for Anthony Mangano called A Brooklyn Christmas which is really about suicide and a script I wrote for Mike Jones called Afternoon about PTSD.

What advice would you give to fellow actors, writers, directors?
Be as original as you can and be careful of who wants to work with you. Research.

How do you stay motivated and active in your career?
Determination, nobody will do it for you.

What are you working on now?
A Sci-Fi fantasy pilot BOZ: Bikers of Oz.

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